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Advanced Neurotoxins

Course Description

For experienced injectors who want to expand Neurotoxin offerings!

Our Advanced Neurotoxin course is intended for experienced neurotoxin injectors, with a minimum of 6 months of injecting experience, who are looking to expand their offerings.

During the didactic portion of this course we will cover facial anatomy, physiology, facial assessment, patient selection, managing patient expectations, and post care instructions.

Specific treatments that will be covered include lip flips, bunny lines, under eye jelly rolls, gummy smiles, DAO, masseters, brow lift, Nefertiti neck lift, and ‘peau d’orange for dimpled chin.

Following the didactic portion of class students will perform hands practice. Two models per student are ideal for comprehensive instruction with one of our Clinical Instructors. Model selection should be specific to the areas that students are most interested in learning.

Pre-requisite: Introduction to Neurotoxins