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Medspalogy Network

Medspalogy Institute Network for Cosmetic Injectors 

When you join the Medspalogy Institute Network you will gain access to materials, products and supplies to help you sustain and pursue your career as an aesthetic provider. We can provide all the tools you need to build a thriving practice.  

Network Benefits:

Medical Directorship Referral

We can provide referral to medical directorship if needed. Our network members can access products at a lower rate through their medical director.

Materials, Supplies, Products

As a fully licensed pharmacy distributor, we can provide you with all the supplies and materials you need at a lower rate. We offer same day pick-up, courier and overnight shipping options. We are fully licensed in MA, CT, RI and NH.

Continuing Education/Training

We offer continuing education and training opportunities including free trainings! 

Introducing Our Exclusive Medspalogy Institute Membership Program!

Our membership program gives you access to all our benefits through one easy payment and monthly subscription. When you join our membership program for $75 a month, you unlock even deeper discounts. These lower rates can make it sustainable to pursue a career as an aesthetic provider. Join our team of certified, professional injectors and build a thriving practice that you love!