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Building A Brighter Future

Exceptional Aesthetic Training in Boston, MA

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The New School of Aesthetics

The Medspalogy Institute: Boston’s Best Aesthetics Education

The world of medical aesthetics is rapidly evolving as non-surgical treatments become more accessible and new technologies emerge. At The Medspalogy Institute in Norwood, we prepare Boston-area medical professionals for an enduring, adaptive, and successful career in aesthetics. Led by industry innovator, experienced injector, and educator Matt Azulay-LaFever, our accredited courses offer best practices, advanced techniques, and hands-on instruction from highly respected aesthetics experts. With introductory and continuing education, we offer full-spectrum instruction and support to help you build a beautiful future for yourself in medical aesthetics.

Our Courses

Meet The Medspalogist

Medspalogy Institute Founder Matt Azulay-LaFever

Matt Azulay-LaFever, founder of The Medspalogy Institute and H2T Skin and Laser Center, is a versatile medspa treatment instructor and provider with a reputation for his exceptional understanding and application of today’s most advanced techniques. 

With more than a decade of experience as a credentialed injector and more than 20 years of experience in nursing, Matt is passionate about the evolution of aesthetics as an advanced field of medicine in which medical knowledge, technical precision, and patient communication work in tandem to facilitate better outcomes.

With extreme dedication to his craft and the patient experience, Matt’s hands-on approach provides students the opportunity to enhance their practical knowledge and refine their skills with expert guidance. As a well-known industry leader, Matt regularly attends conferences to stay ahead of the latest innovations in aesthetics and tailor each course with the future in mind.

A Community of Experts

Student-Focused Training & Ongoing Support

Our team at The Medspalogy Institute is committed to providing patients with an exceptional education experience under the guidance of qualified, conscientious instructors. Here, you can embrace an educational experience that endures long after you complete your course.

We provide ongoing support with an available network of medical directors, and continuing education as new products and techniques disrupt the industry. 

Our live courses are interactive, and students leave class with an understanding of the material and ways to incorporate it into their new or existing practices.

With an exceptionally low instructor-student ratio, we offer quality education, personal guidance, and tools to help you reach your full potential efficiently and enjoyably. With exclusive manufacturer training, round table dinners, and best-in-the-industry product pricing, we are here to guide and welcome you into your next professional chapter.

Elevate Your Practice

Featured Aesthetics Courses in Boston, MA

Our accredited aesthetics training programs meet the needs of medical professionals entering or continuing a career in aesthetics. Our introductory and advanced certifications allow you to immediately expand the scope and precision of your practice while also fulfilling CNE (continuous nursing education) requirements. Our courses are open to physicians, PAs, nurses, and dentists with various experience levels in aesthetic medicine.

Introduction to NeurotoxinsAdvanced NeurotoxinsIntroduction to Filler Laser Operator CertificationLip Filler TrainingInjectables Intensified Course

Confidence & Precision

Introduction to the Neurotoxin Training Course in Boston, MA

Our intensive, one-day neurotoxins certification training course allows you to incorporate Botulinum Toxin A treatments into your practice immediately upon completion. Our licensed instructors and master injectors will review everything you need to know to administer Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin treatments confidently and precisely. Through instructional and hands-on education, this course will give you a solid foundation to elevate your practice and your clients' experiences with Botox.

Intro to Neurotoxins Training

Next-Level Neurotoxin Applications

Advanced Neurotoxins Training in Boston, MA

Go beyond the Botox basics with our advanced neurotoxins training course. This course, designed for experienced injectors, provides deeper insight into facial anatomy and assessment, physiology, patient care, and more. Enhance your expertise with advanced treatments, such as lip flips, brow lifts, undereye jelly rolls, DAO, masseters, bunny lines, Nefertiti neck lifts, and peaurange. Enhance your skills and expand your patients’ non-surgical treatment possibilities with expert neuromodulator applications.

Advanced Neurotoxins

A Fulfilling Skill Set

Introduction to Filler Training in Boston, MA 

Dermal fillers are perhaps the most versatile area of non-surgical aesthetics available today, offering a broad spectrum of formulas and applications to create a tailored treatment experience for every patient. In this one-day introductory course, you will learn best practices through education and hands-on instruction to be a skilled and confident injector. Learn more about our introductory dermal fillers course, and register today to provide your patients with an exceptional care experience and aesthetic results.

Introduction to Filler

Harness Today’s Technologies

Laser Operator Certification in Boston, MA

Our extensive laser training program dives deep into the intricacies of today’s energy-based aesthetic treatment technologies, offering a truly one-of-a-kind educational experience. With 42 combined hours of training, you will learn everything you need to know to administer laser treatments safely, effectively, and confidently. Expand your professional offerings and guide your patients to beautifully rejuvenated results with the first and only laser certification course in Massachusetts.

Laser Operator Certification

Deliver Their Perfect Pout

Lip Filler Training in Boston, MA

Our non-surgical lip augmentation certification course offers an in-depth look into providing patients with beautifully natural and supple results using dermal fillers. Open to students with previous experience with dermal fillers, this 6-hour, one-day course covers advanced techniques used to achieve a variety of outcomes so that you can provide your patients with optimal personalization and satisfaction. Instantly enhance your skills with this advanced course led by experienced lip injectors at H2T Skin and Laser Center.

Lip Filler Training

Maximize Your Training

Injectables Intensified Course in Boston, MA

This comprehensive course on aesthetic injectables incorporates neuromodulators and dermal fillers into a two-day, back-to-back course. This course covers various types of neuromodulators and dermal fillers, injection supplies, reconstitution and handling techniques, facial anatomy and physiology, contraindications, post-injection care, complication management, and more for fully-rounded insight into injectable treatment best practices. Maximize your experience, education, and skill with this immersive introductory course.

Injectables Intensified Course
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Ongoing Support for Passionate Professionals

Laser Certification in Massachusetts

Committed to our students’ excellence, we have designed our courses and resources to support medical aesthetic professionals in every phase of their education. For medical professionals just beginning their journey into aesthetic treatments, we go beyond our introductory courses to offer ongoing support through our network of medical directors, live courses, networking opportunities, and continuing education. At The Medspalogy Institute, we offer everything you need to flourish as a medical aesthetics practitioner, maximize your investment, and stay at the forefront of industry advancements.

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Laser Focused

Laser Certification in Massachusetts

The Medspalogy Institute is proud to offer Massachusetts’ first and only laser certification course. Partnering with the Esthetician Advisor Laser Academy (EALA*), our intensive laser course combines self-paced, online learning with four days of hands-on instruction from renowned laser experts. Our in-person class is limited to four students at a time, providing an optimal environment for individual learning and detailed instruction.

Within your 38-hour self-paced, online module, you will gain advanced insight into:

  • Hair and skin histology
  • The Fitzpatrick Scale
  • Patient & treatment selection
  • Laser biophysics
  • Adapting laser safety
  • Laser safety officer (LSO)
  • Collagen Induction Therapy
  • Chemical peels

Following your online course, you will undergo four full days of hands-on training at The Medspalogy Institute, gaining practical experience in:

  • IPL Photofacial (Day 1)
  • Laser Hair Reduction (Day 2)
  • Radiofrequency (RF) Skin Rejuvenation & Tightening (Day 3)
  • Chemical Peels, Dermaplaning, & Collagen Induction Therapy (Day 4)

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