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Injectables Intensified Training
in Boston, MA

Elevate Your Skills 

Why Choose The Medspalogy Institute for Intensified Injectables training?

Injectables are a cornerstone of medical aesthetics, offering a variety of treatment options to address facial aging concerns and enhance natural beauty. At The Medspalogy Institute, we recognize the desire to excel in this field. Our Intensified Injectables training program goes beyond the basics, equipping experienced injectors with the advanced techniques and knowledge to achieve superior aesthetic outcomes.

Injectables Intensified at a Glance

  • Advanced Injection Techniques: Master complex injection strategies for optimal product placement, ensuring natural-looking results and patient satisfaction.
  • Focus on Complication Management: Gain in-depth knowledge of potential complications and effective strategies for mitigation and management.
  • Refine Your Artistic Eye: Develop a sophisticated understanding of facial anatomy and artistry to create customized treatment plans for each patient.
  • Network with Industry Leaders: Connect and learn from renowned injectors during interactive workshops and discussions.
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Master Advanced Injection Techniques for Optimal Aesthetic Results 

Course Description

Injectables Intensified is a two-day course designed for the medical professional who is ready to take on both neurotoxin and dermal filler training back to back.

The Medspalogist, a master injector and educator, will lead you through both didactic and hands-on instruction to become proficient in procedures for Botulinum Toxin A (Botox® Dysport® and Xeomin®) and dermal fillers.

Topics covered include: types of neurotoxins and dermal fillers, reconstitution and handling, injection supplies, facial anatomy and physiology, contraindications, post-injection recommendations, complications, and more.

Licensed Clinical Instructors cover best business practices to assist participants in expanding into the aesthetic medical field as well as fulfill CNE (continuing nursing education) requirements with the training course.

Day 1

10:00 Didactic Portion Neurotoxins

1:00 Break For Lunch

2:00 Didactic Portion Dermal Fillers

Day 2

10:00 - 6:00 Hands-On Instruction

Become an Injection Expert

Price: $3,990

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6 Central Street Norwood, MA 02062

Invest in Mastery 

Enroll Today!

By enrolling in our Intensified Injectables training program, you'll elevate your skills to the next level, allowing you to offer the most advanced and effective injectable treatments to your patients. Contact us today to explore this program and unlock your full potential as a master injector!

Injectables Intensified

Frequently Asked Questions

This advanced program is ideal for experienced injectors (physicians, nurses, PAs, dentists) who are already comfortable with basic neurotoxin and dermal filler techniques. The curriculum delves deeper into advanced methods for optimal outcomes.

Our program covers advanced injection strategies for various areas of the face, including:

  • Advanced Botox techniques for addressing dynamic wrinkles and creating a lifted appearance.
  • Strategic filler placement for volumization, contouring, and facial sculpting.
  • Off-label injection techniques for achieving specific aesthetic goals.

Patient safety is paramount. This program emphasizes in-depth knowledge of potential complications associated with injectables, along with effective strategies for mitigation and management.

A keen understanding of facial anatomy allows for precise injection placement and minimizes risk. Developing your artistic eye empowers you to create customized treatment plans that enhance each patient's natural beauty.

The Intensified Injectables program is designed for experienced injectors, allowing for a more intensive learning experience over two days.

At Medspalogy Institute, we believe in fostering a supportive learning environment. After program completion, you'll gain access to exclusive resources and ongoing educational and networking opportunities to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving field of injectables.